Sifanto in Kamares of Sifnos Island Greece - Tel : +30 22840-33891

Sifanto traditional local products

Σίφνος Sifnos island traditional local productsSifnos island traditional local productsSifnos island traditional local products

Sifnos island traditional local products

We decided to set up Sifanto, a shop with traditional products, in Kamara, the harbor of Sifnos. Taking into consideration the facts that, the Sifnians are very hospitable, love the good food, and are impeccable cooks, and that the visitors of Sifnos also have high standards, we have chosen out products with great responsibility.

We have searched all over Greece, we have found people who love tradition and taste and prepare their goods with very good care. Pasta, sweets, legumes, wine, raki and a huge variety of herbs and spices are some of the products that you will be able to enjoy at Sifanto. You will also find typical local products from Sifnos like capers, wine, marzipan, jam, sesame, thyme honey and many herbs.

Sifanto will be open all year round, in Sifnos!