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Products of Sifanto

Traditional local products from sifnos and all around Greece

A wide variety of unique handmade products made from pure and fine materials, along with local products, are available for you to try. All produced by small producers who still create traditional products.

Pasta made from goat milk, special delicacy from Chios, called “submarine”, prepared by “Aunt Evangelia", noodles in a cloth bag, nut bread sticks and rusks baked in wooden bergamot sweet, raki, prepared by the monks in Amorgos island, Sifnian almonds, capers, are some of the products that you will love and will try again and again. You will have to taste them, while we take care of the quality and variety of products, which is s continuously growing.

Local products of Sifnos

Τοπικά παραδοσιακά προϊόντα ΣίφνουTraditional local products from the island of Sifnos, to get you the taste and aroma of the place. Jellies, jams, liqueurs, sesame and thyme honey rich in aroma. Marzipan white, dark or with sugar, which features the Cyclades, but always with the character of the island.

Cookies with wine and anise cookies as well as biscuits, prepared locally in the way that housewives of Sifnos know. Oil, wine, oregano, sage and thyme, and capers in brine and dry.


Spices and Herbs

Sifnos Traditional local products | Μπαχαρικά και ΒόταναAside from the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon, clove and anise, nutmeg, allspice, cumin, poppy seeds, paprika smoky and sweet, you will find a rich collection of products in spices for every desire and taste requirement. Flower of salt from the rocks of Mani, without any treatment and bleaching, with over 80 essential minerals, Himalayan rock salt, the stevia sweetener used by diabetics and natural saffron, the first biologic saffron in the world, a unique product.
Herbs with many healing properties. Valerian for insomnia, rosemary for headache thyme anorexia, verbena for diet, marjoram for stomachache and melissa for hypertension and asthma, nettle not only for beautiful hair but also for kidney, bile and rheumatism.

Mastic products

The known worldwide Mastic with traditional sweet called “submarine”, other sweets, donuts mastic-pies, sesame bar and end nougat liqueur and ouzo, will amaze you with her perfume that dominates everywhere.


Raw honey Taygetos mountain, thyme scented heady and with intense flavor, as well as with beneficial virtues. Fir honey from Taygetos, for those who prefer a different delicacy and Sfakiano thyme for strong odor.


Sifnos Traditional local products | Ποτά“Moschophilero” dry Corinthian wine, which sweetens the palate and “Aghiorghitiko”, white, rose and red wine from from Daphnes, in Heraklion.
Raki, whose production is lost in the depths of time, it is said, however, that began in the 14th century on Mount Athos by monks who lived there. We prefer the Cretian raki, which is called either “tiskoudia” or simply “raki”. Try “rakomelo”. Also mastic liqueur and remember ouzo mastic.
And something different and unique, matured "Amorgiani". Anise, cloves, cinnamon and honey mixed with raki, the way the monks in Amorgos prepare it.


Olive products

“Alatsoelies” and crushed salted olives from Chania. Extra virgin olive oil and vinegar Marouvas. Scented oil with rosemary, fennel, bay leaves and cinnamon from the island of Rhodes, left on your plate is a strong smell.


Freshly grounded coffee, rich in flavor and variety santos, robusta and rio, cut in your presence, so that it maintains its flavor longer.


Sifnos Traditional local products |  ΖυμαρικάFrom the forests of Zarouchla pasta "Ariadne", with goat milk and eggs will remind you of home cooking. Epirus and Arcadia are famous for their pasta. Without any kind of preservatives, papardeles, screw-shaped-three-color pasta, spinach tagliatelle, pepper, wine, carrot, tomato, semolina ensure enjoyment in taste. Noodles from "Goumenisses", stored In cloth bags, as our grandmothers did, will fascinate you with their fragrance. Skioufikta and Ypapantis, rare “makarounes”, traditional pasta products of Crete, and even more, a large collection of products from "Mylelia" as taliolini, nettle, vegetables, ouzo and feta cheese, honey



Bread sticks with corn, tomato flavors, whole grained, with seeds, gruyere falvored, as well as rusks with particular combinations like oregano with tomato, garlic, onion, corn and small bites from barley, all coming from Laconia. From ovens with wood and even give their products a unique taste


Chickpea from Thessaly, fava from Feneos, small lentils from Farsala, giant beans from Prespes, along with our recommended recipes.

Sauces and other

Sifnos Traditional local products |  ΣάλτσεςBean products from carob, such as carob-honey, carob in powder, cocoa, bio caroffee that can replace coffee. Tomato sauce, sweet pepper sauce, feta cheese, vine leaves in brine from wild vines especially cultured. Traditional mustard from Thessaloniki, following grandma's Theopoula recipe, from Goumenisses and mustard with honey, another proposal, and dried figs with chocolate, from Kimi.